Saturday, June 1, 2013

Darbar Sahib: Golden Temple Amritsar

A few pics from my visit to Amritsar, the city known the world over as the city of the Golden Temple.
Golden Temple is a place of peace, beauty and spiritual calm. It has many moods. Judge for yourself.

Model of Golden Temple at Amritsar Railway Station.

The model of Golden Temple that greets visitors at the Amritsar Railway Station.

The 'Real Thing' in all its majesty.

Golden Temple in the evening light.

 Molten gold in a pool of nectar. Amritsar literally means pool of nectar. Locals pronounce Amritsar as Ambarsar.

Golden Temple in late evening light.

Golden glitter in the late evening.

Amritsar Railway Station

Amritsar Railway Station in the early morning.

Amritsar Railway Station: another view.

Amritsar Railway Station: another view.

Baba Atal: The twin pillars on the Golden Temple parikrma.

Baba Atal: another view.

Golden Temple entrance gate.

Golden Temple entrance with the verse," Ditthe sabbe thaun nahi tudh jehiya". (Translation: I have seen all places. None match your grandeur.)

Molten Gold which leaves one speechless and spellbound.

To visit Amritsar and see Golden Temple with one's own eyes is a blessing and a privilege.


  1. heyy,,great post..

    may be we can follow each other....


  2. Wahe Guru Ji Da Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Di Fateh !!

    Nice captures of the saccha darbar !! :)

    1. Thanks @Pooja Mittal, and

  3. Thanks a lot for giving us this beautiful digital tour of Golden temple... hope to know more about Amritsar from your subsequent posts :)

  4. Thank you Doc. I was using my humble phone camera. The place is beautiful. I was myself amazed at the photos. :)

  5. Ha, once upon a time, my Amritsar trip got cancelled and I haven't got the second chance till date! :(

    1. I am sure there will be another chance when you make it all the way to Amritsar. :)

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  7. so amazing creativity

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