Monday, June 17, 2013

Warriors......To Fight Evil

We are warriors.
We don't have swords, guns, missiles, or bombs but we are still warriors.
What are warriors and why do I insist that we are those?

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  [wawr-ee-er, wawr-yer, wor-ee-er, wor-yer]  Show IPA
a person engaged or experienced in warfare; soldier.
a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness, as in politics or athletics.
1250–1300; Middle English werreieor  < Old North French,  equivalent to werrei er to war1  + -eor -or2

war·ri·or·like, adjective Unabridged
Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2013.
For the  purpose of Indichange's Ring the Bell and Bell Bajao initiative, the definition at serial number 2. is appropriate.
Warriors show great vigor, courage and aggressiveness. 
To bring about change in the set ways we are warriors. There is no other way.
A family is the smallest unit of society. What happens in it is reflected in the larger sphere too.
For example,if women are not respected in the family and their views are pooh poohed as of no consequence to the final decision, then the same attitude is passed on to everything else in the larger milieu.
Girls brought up in such families lack the confidence to put their views forth in school, college, work place and else where. They think that the male of the species has some God given right to lord over her and others.
Needless to say, this attitude leads to them tolerating a lot of nonsense that they should have put a stop to from the word go.
Boys and men from such families strut about like proverbial lords and throw their weight about expecting the women to pick up after them (weight and other assorted stuff) and generally take care of them.
One is tempted to give one tight slap to such entitled, pompous asses but generally one refrains from doing so as one has been born in Gandhi's country and Ahimsa is preferable to violence.
As Indichange warriors, we can work to change this one unit at a time.
Each one change one. 
Begin with your own if you have not already done so.
Each one of us can bring about this change in thinking at the family level.
If you are a mother ensure that you treat your son and daughter the same way. Don't be a door mat and don't allow ANYONE to ill treat you. Be the strong person that you want your children to be.
If you are a daughter ensure that you behave the same way as your brother, with responsibility and confidence. Not diffidence and helplessness. Don't expect others to get you out of tight corners. Do it yourself. Get the tools needed to do that. Learn self-defense. Earn your own money. Contribute toward the family expenses. Take your own decisions.
In general, don't be a passenger waiting to get off at the wedding station.
If you do that you will board another train where YOU will be the door mat and someone else will lord over you.
The vicious cycle will continue unless you break it now.
If you are a father, make sure to set a good example for your children by respecting their mother and asking for her opinion and giving it due weight for every family decision that is made. Don't come home drunk and abuse your wife. Don't buy her flowers and chocolates to make up for your transgressions. She is not a doll. If you treat her like that, you may soon be out of the house on your bottom. 
Did you forget she is gearing up too?
If you are the boy of the family, i am sure you get my drift as to how you should behave.
If you are grandparents, please encourage this new behavior. People are trying to change. It does not really matter as to how things were in the old days. These are new days, with monsters lurking around corners, in dark spaces and not so dark offices, trains and bus'.
Extraordinary conditions require extraordinary actions.
 This warrior like behavior will lead to a change in the society and will ensure that women are not treated as adjuncts of men.
I already follow these principles and woe betide anyone who tries otherwise.
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