Sunday, June 2, 2013

Amritsar: Kulfi from Hall Bazar

If you visit Amritsar there are many must do things.
The obvious ones are to visit the Golden temple, Jalian wallah bagh and the Wagah border.

There are also a few lesser known things that the locals do.

Every time they go for a shopping trip to the main market in Amritsar they eat Kulfi in Hall bazar.

Kulfi from Hall bazar, Amritsar

                                                          Kesar Pista Kulfi with Falooda 

As the picture shows, these are matka kulfis. The taste is just out of this world. The basic one costs Rs. 40/-.
They have a version that is suitable for diabetics.
If you have no time to sit and enjoy the delicious kulfi, they can pack it for you so that you can enjoy it at your own leisure.
There is one original shop and a few duplicate ones. The real one is the one which has a tikki stall right along side.
That is another dish you can't miss. The aroma of a frying tikki is such that you cannot cross the area without eating it.
Amritsar is really a place to eat and eat and eat some more.


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