Friday, June 21, 2013

To Stop Violence Against Women: Group Therapy Could Work

While wasting time in one of the more popular threads in Indiblogger, I read Nisha's appeal to bloggers to write for Ring the bell.
She said that even posting some useful links will help.
I am pasting some links on this subject.
These talk about stopping domestic violence, bringing about change in the way women are treated in our country and thus leading to REAL CHANGE.

These are links to some blog posts written earlier for Ring the Bell are also pasted below. These have not been submitted as main entries now as these are not fresh and have not been written for this drive.

Group Therapy as treatment:
I read a report in The Chicago Tribune that talked about having a support group for wife beaters or others who knew only one way to control others and that was by hitting them or abusing them.
They are asked to join a group therapy session to help them work out their basic issues that lead them to resort to violence.
The session runs on the same principles as Alcoholic Anonymous.
People get together and turn by turn talk about why they use violence in their lives and what can they do to stop it.
 They are encouraged to not indulge in violence, one day at a time.
The longer they can manage without resorting to violence, the more the chance that they can stop using it altogether.
This presupposes that the person is willing to change.
It may even be an activity that they are forced to perform as a legal measure. That means if they don't attend the meeting they go to jail.
This is an idea worth exploring in our Indian context too.
If we can have Sharab mukti and drug mukti drives, we can also have violence mukti ones.
Most of the times, many of these issues are inter related. The domestic help who comes to work with bruises on her face and back has been beaten up by a drunk-out-of-his-mind husband.
A drug addict could rough up any one in the family to get money for his fix.

The more I think about it, the more logical it sounds.
We have tried many other options to stop people from beating up their wives and daughters.
Why not try this one too?
It could work.

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