Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wella Hair Color - The Complete Truth

Wella Wall of Facts

Wella History Sheet and Mile Stones
Ammonia free is not damage free.

 This is the take away from the cool Wella meet that we just experienced at the Wella International Studio at the Select City Walk Mall in Saket, New Delhi.
Beautiful color that protects your hair and strengthens it at the same time is a dream for most women who want to color their hair.

The Class for Scientific Facts

The Practical area

 Just words cannot make it happen though.
One needs to know the product that one puts on one's hair thoroughly.
 Hair is considered to be the crowning glory.
Our precious hair  is just as sensitive and delicate as skin.
If one protects one's skin with sunscreen and a hundred other things then one does need to protect one's colored hair too with color protection shampoo.
It is just as prone to be ruined by the UV light as skin is.
So why should it be neglected?
Know your color before you apply it or allow the salon to use it on your hair.
There is a hype in the market for ammonia free hair color. But it does not tell the complete truth.
Hair color that does not have ammonia has MEA which is far worse than ammonia.
It stays in the hair longer and is more difficult to get out of the hair.
Ammonia smells while evaporating but is then gone out of the hair unlike MEA.
Wella is not ammonia free but it is MEA free and that says a lot chemically.

Conclusion: if you are looking for superior color that protects your hair, choose Wella.

Wella meet participants interacting