Sunday, November 17, 2013

To Massage Or Not To Massage?

New parents are bombarded  with conflicting advice about how to bring up their babies.

There are as many opinions as there are people giving advice.

1. Pick them up when the babies cry.
2. Don't pick them up. Let them self-soothe.
3. Feed them on demand. Use home cooked food and mother's milk.
4. Feed them as per a schedule. Use baby cereals/ fortified powder milk/high fi sounding foreign made baby food.
5. Do everything for them yourselves to encourage bonding with you.
6. Let the hired help take care of the messy stuff and play with the baby when it is clean and happy.
7. Massage the baby with olive oil. It is Italian in origin and hence wonderful as everything that comes from foreign lands must be excellent quality.
8. North Indian say massage the baby with mustard oil. It is time tested original practice and must be right because we have been doing this for centuries.
9. South Indian say that one must massage the babies with coconut oil as that is the best option available.
10. Bottom line is that almost all Indians agree that babies should be massaged.

One can see this happening in the road side shanty of a daily laborer where the mother will put the baby on a small mat in front of her and massage the crying baby's limbs and head and little feet not paying any attention to the desperate cries.
She knows she is doing the right thing for her little one.
Giving it the best chance to survive, develop, increase immunity and generally be as well as possible under the circumstances.

It can also be seen in a well to do home where a midwife comes every day to massage the baby and the new mother to ensure their well being.

The act of massage is the same in both places and it helps all in the same way.

Everyone agrees, in India at least, that massaging babies helps them to grow faster and gain height better as compared to non- massaged babies. Tradition and knowledge both concur.

Their strong little limbs will grow faster and help them not just to develop well but to sleep better and have a happier babyhood and a healthy adulthood.

So go ahead massage the little ones and make them feel the pleasure of a baby spa.

Happy parenting!

Happy massaged baby Kunal Singh.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Right Or Wrong?

One Person's Right Could Be Another's Wrong.
The more I think about something from my point of view the more I become aware that there is a perfectly valid alternate view.
Do I want to accept it though. No way. I am right and in the right so help me God.
I mean God help the other person.