Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Without comment

Some telling lyrics from Punjabi folk songs about daughters and their somewhat inadequate translation into English.
'Madhanian..haio meria dadeya rabba kinna jamian kinna ne lai janiaan'.
 Oh cruel God some give birth (to daughters) and some others take them away (after marriage).
'Loyee...babul tere mehlan wichon teri lado pardesan hoyee'.
Oh father your darling daughter has become a stranger to your palaces where you brought her up with lots of love.
'Chhaliyan...maanwan dheeyan milan lagiyaan chare kandan ni chubare diyan hiliyan'.
When the mother and daughter hug each other before parting (as the daughter departs for her groom's house), all the walls of the building tremble due to their emotion.