Friday, September 12, 2008

First post

Hi everyone! This is my maiden attempt at talking to whomsoever it may concern or may not concern. Who cares what I write and what do I care if anyone reads it. Big deal!
This is just random jottings from someone who believes in making the best of what one has. Tries to spread cheer! care for chosen ones, work like there is no tomorrow and let the rest of things take a hike. bye see ya.

Ah forgot to tell you, today I got a raincheck of an invitation to an island near Seattle. it is called Whidbey I believe. well, a couple of months ago I was invited to the bush country like area in California and also learnt that had thousands of bushes were on fire around the house of one of the authors I was working with.
Some day I will go see them all. I could go backpacking and stay with all the people I know in the US. Have never done it in India though I could and it will be much easier. Truth is, I am an armchair traveller. Adore travel and living shows. Can watch these non-stop. Even watch re-runs of Globe trekker.
Self castigation and no action.