Saturday, June 15, 2013

Five Generations Connecting

The other day someone said on Twitter that there will be a time when our grandchildren will say," Oh, our grandparents were so cute. They used to send SMS to each other on iPhone."
It was hard for me to imagine the time when that will happen.
I wondered what would be used by people in the future to connect to each other then.
The answer was that the future is still unseen. The inventions that will be there at that time cannot even be imagined now.
Makes sense.

Hard as it seems now, it will happen, and is actually happening right now in front of our very eyes.
This set me thinking as to how it would be if one could talk to anyone from any time or place without any restrictions.
#WeChat was the catalyst to this line of thinking.
My imagination took over.
In my We Chat session five women from different generations, times and places talk to each other about their lives, cares, concerns, joys and general outlook on life.
The participants are Maya Wati, Kasturba Gandhi, Meena Kumari, Mumtaj Mahal and Ridhima an Indiblogger with a fan following of 500.
Kasturba Gandhi

Meena Kumari

Mumtaj Mahal

Maya Wati

Please suspend your disbelief for a while and imagine that all of them have access to and can use internet enabled smart phones with the We Chat app installed on them.
Also keep in mind that only one person can talk at a time and the others have to listen quite like with the old walky talky.
The year is 2013.
Kasturba Gandhi begins the chat session saying," Dear friends, I don't know if you know me or remember me. Could you tell me what is going on in our beautiful country? My husband worked so hard for that. Is there Ram Rajya like we imagined when we sacrificed our personal lives for the greater good of the country. Was it really worth it?"

Maya Wati answered Kasturba," Ba, the country has progressed much from your time. No one needs to sacrifice anything for the greater good any more. There is a free for all in all spheres of life. We are taking turns to rule the country and do good for ourselves. Recently, I was able to build temples to ensure that no one forgets me or my hand bag in a hurry."

Ba was confused but before she could answer, Mumtaj Mahal began talking," Hello all. My husband promised to build the Taj Mahal as a symbol of his love for me. Did he actually do it or did I die in vain bearing those fourteen children? I must know."

Meena Kumari chimed in at this point," Ladies, Don't trust men when they promise something. See my example. I ruined my life by caring so much for the men in my life that I forgot all about my own self. I drank myself to death. For all my pains I received the moniker of 'Tragedy queen'. Huh? What the heck? Who wanted to be tragedy queen?"

Ridhima had been listening to this conversation deferentially. She felt that she did not have enough weight in years and experience to respond but still she had to respond with her point of view. She said," the more things change, the more they stay the same. The world is the same. Men and women are the same. Their concerns, cares, feelings, all are the same. The only thing that is different is that now there is more of everything. Money, means, meanness, and mores."

They would have chatted some more but time and tide waits for no one. So they promised to meet up in the WeChat session the next day and catch up.

References: Wikipedia for images. 


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