Friday, May 24, 2013

Boy or Girl?

Boy or Girl?
This is the first question asked as soon as a baby is born.
 The mother wants to know.
 The family waiting outside with bated breath and fingers crossed wants to know.
 The neighbors, relatives, and even strangers who see you walking with a baby in your arms want to know.

 How does it matter what the gender of the baby is?
It is a spanking new human being who has just arrived on this earth to reiterate the fact that "God has not lost faith in humanity."

The arrival should be a celebration of life, of basic perpetuation of human race, for which nature tolerates us on this earth despite our extremely provocative and obnoxious behavior while we are here.

I know of many people who ask/have asked this question even before the baby has been born.
With the technology available and people who would do anything for money available, it is easy to find out the gender of the baby even before she is born.
I purposely said 'she' because she is the one who needs to fear this line of thought. She who is likely to be murdered in the womb before she even becomes a reality.
And don't be fooled by the law and the rules that make it illegal to determine the sex of the fetus.
 Despite those laws and rules this trade flourishes and makes the practitioners rich.
It is blood money. Plain and simple.
Do they care? Of course not.
And why would they when people want to remove the RISK of having a  girl instead of a boy?
All is well! All is well!
Hunh? No. It is not.

I understand the whole cultural background of girls not being the preferred sex as babies for parents, families and even entire societies. This is such an abstract topic that one can read and hear about it dispassionately and keep calm.
What I cannot handle is parents who have the heart to get rid of their baby, their own flesh and blood just because she is a girl.
It appears monstrous to me.
Do they feel like murderers?
Are they treated like murderers?
Do they go to jail like the criminals that they are?
Because till they suffer the consequences of this murder, they will not stop.
Violence against the female will continue unabated.
We need to give her the chance to be born please.
I plead with all of you who are in this situation or who have others in their families and social circles in this situation.

Ring the bell. Bell bajao.
We will stop anyone we know from having the sex determination test before the baby is born.
If there is no test, there will be no murder of the fetus because it is female.

I am the mother of two beautiful girls who are our pride and joy. When my second baby was to be born, I was asked by many 'well wishers' to get the sex determination test done to rule out a second girl.
I did not budge. I am so thankful and proud.
 Actually this is the right way. Nature's mysterious way. To not know beforehand if it is a boy or girl. Find out only after the baby is born.
Is it a boy or girl?


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  2. Well reflected Madhu... I remember I had written a bengali poem on this theme long long back...
    keep blogging :-)

  3. Thanks @Anunoy. Thanks for having visited my blog and commented.

  4. Very nicely said Madhu...i can completely relate to the dilemmas..I have 2 sons...."Which are boys because of my good karma in my last birth, because my husband belongs to a particular clan, because i ate X-Y-Z things during my pregnancies...etc etc"..height was my sister was advised to stay in my company for her second pregnancy because she has a girl

    I dont care what their gender is...I just want them to grow up as a good human being valuing people (and not gender, castes, class etc)

    1. Thank you Sfurti. May our tribe increase! I mean the tribe of people who love their kids no matter what gender they are.


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