Monday, August 26, 2013

Take your chance, baby!

Garhi bahar nikalo.

Take your chance baby.

 ( Dialogue from 'Life in a Metro')

Never will there be a time when everything is just perfect.
So, do it now.
With all its imperfections and likelihood of nasty surprises on the way, still you will be on your way.


  1. perfect perfect just so perfect .. there comes no time when everything seems perfect and if at all for a moment or two you feel so you are scared to loose that moment .. making it imperfect again :D
    Full of Energy these lovely words !!

    1. :)
      Thanks for your enthusiasm and your kind comments.
      I was shocked by the simplicity of the words in the dialogue. I am the kind who will keep the car in the garage for five years waiting for all signal lights to be green (as in the example in the movie).
      I do need to nikalo the Garhi.


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