Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Siddu: A delicacy from Kullu

Siddu, the local delicacy of Kullu that tastes just wonderful. 
Don't miss the sheen of melted desi ghee (clarified butter) poured on top before eating. 
The lightly spiced steamed flat dumpling is stuffed with poppy seeds and crushed walnuts
A tart pickle made from a local berry called 'bee dana' and a tomato garlic chutney complete the unassuming dish. 
We had it at the famed Rajni's counter in the Kullu Dussehra mela. 
Thanks Mr. Kamal Sharma for introducing it to us ignorant outsiders.

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  1. Will surely try this when I go there....looks tasty and the tomato garlic chutney with dumpling combination is always great.


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