Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ruma Roka the down to earth pioneer

The video of Ruma Roka blew me away. Such simplicity, such passion, sheer determination to do something for people who need it most and are the most neglected part of society.
She is all heart and conveys that with her simple words and gestures.
Rare would be a person who does not get infected by her enthusiasm.
We happen to live in Noida and I am determined to go find her and make my contribution to the cause of helping those who are differently-abled.
If she can do it so can we all.
All we need is the conviction that it can be done.
Ruma is working toward developing employable people who would be a success wherever they may go to work.
She has lit the spark. We need to keep it going and make it into a full blown fire that will light people's lives.
Thank you Ruma.

Franklin Templeton Investmentspartnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012.


  1. Thatz the spirit Madhu! [Grin]
    Nopes I didn't praise your article for the moment... I appreciated your "last minute participation" endeavor... [taking the glasses off]
    btw I've been noting a steady... noh, steep decline in your blogging frequency... is that due to the newly acquired infatuation towards ipad???

    1. Thank you @Anunoy.
      It was just inertia. IPAD has lost its novelty value. I do use it for its ease of use and lightness but I miss the right click that is available in my laptop.:)
      Banda kabhi kush nahi hota. Hai na?
      New blog post up now.

  2. thats inspiring and prompt Madhu :) I was moved by the videos I saw in Idea Caravan and to make sense of every individual in practical life to make them self dependent is a great move by Ruma Roka !! all my praises for her and your spirit :)


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