Monday, April 2, 2012


My zodiac sign Cancer is classified under the element water. It does mean something. It makes me love water. I just realized it when I picked two photos out of scores and both had flowing water in the background.
The sea, the river, waterfalls and even the amrit sarovar make me feel serene, relaxed and at home.
I go into deep thought about the real meaning of life and how good it feels right then.
I love gurgling rivulets and want to stand and stare at the frothing water even though it makes me dizzy and at one with the fast moving water.
The other day in Haridwar, the fast flowing expanse of Ganga seemed endless and eternal. Sitting near it, I felt at one with it and could feel myself flowing with it. It was an almost trance like state.
May be I will do well to move to a place where I can walk by flowing water at will.
God knows how long one has to live on this earth. One may as well spend it on something that makes one feel at one with the earth and the universe.
Kal kya hoga kisko khabar.

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