Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Holi Vrindavan style: In Noida

Yesterday, we had the good fortune to go for a Holi event organized in AVCC Noida. We had no expectations and thought of doing it as just something to do on a week day evening.
What we found was surprisingly beautiful and enjoyable.
It was a typical Vrindavan Holi celebration by the Bansuri group (I think).
There were beautifully dressed and beatific looking Krishna, Radha, gopis and sakhas. The songs were lilting, ably sung and accompanied by dholak and keyboard.
There were dances and Krishan leela.
To make it even better, there was an electronic fountain type machine spewing fragrant flower petals on all.
It was really a wonderful experience.
My phone camera does not do justice to the event but here are links to depict what we experienced.

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